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The Advantages Of Intermodal Drayage To Transport Goods From One Location To Another

Many businesses have the crucial task of determining a method of transportation for their goods and products that meets both budgetary and timing requirements. As a result, more companies are turning towards intermodal drayage to handle their shipping needs. Intermodal drayage is the movement of goods over small distances through the use of various transportation options, including air, truck, rail, and sea. In other words, a business doesn't need to rely on a single mode of shipment to carry its cargo from one location to another.

Continue reading below to learn about some of the main advantages of intermodal drayage

1) Intermodal drayage is highly efficient

Efficiency is a major benefit of intermodal drayage transportation. This is because goods are placed into containers that are specifically designed for use on a wide range of carriers. For example, a single intermodal container can be easily moved from an ocean freighter to a truck without needing to be completely packed again during each leg of the shipment journey. This makes it easy for cargo to be quickly loaded into separate modes, eliminating much of the extra effort that other shipping methods require. The overall amount of time saved provides a streamlined process that can create a big difference for a company's bottom line. 

2) Intermodal drayage is ideal for shipping on a global scale

If a business needs to transport products across the country or to international destinations on a regular basis, then intermodal drayage is always a reliable approach. The primary reason for this lies in the ease of transferring goods between shipping modes in different locations. The ideal carrier for one geographic area may not be the same in another place, and intermodal drayage transportation solves that problem by utilizing the best option in any particular region. By empowering companies to select transportation modes that move goods across borders without trouble, intermodal drayage minimizes the complexities and nuances of shipping items on a global magnitude.

3) Intermodal drayage is good for the environment

While traditional shipping methods have focused mostly on over-the-road trucking, some alternative modes are kinder to the environment. Railways, for instance, create lower carbon emissions over large distances than long-haul trucking. Intermodal drayage allows businesses to choose more sustainable shipping modes rather than depending entirely on one carrier for the whole trip. A truck may handle the first portion of a shipping route before switching over to options that use less fuel (trains, for example). As such, intermodal drayage is an eco-friendly transportation answer. 

In a competitive business landscape, a company's ability to choose the right transportation solution is more important now than ever before. Reach out to a transportation service for additional information about how to incorporate intermodal drayage into the shipping methods for your own business.