Discussing Rural Transportation Options

Stay Informed And Make Changes In Real Time

Raw materials and finished goods that need to be dropped off to a warehouse at a specific time could be late to arrive, if multiple drivers encounter heavy traffic patterns, become lost while en route, or waste time stopping off at destinations that are not part of the work assignment. With fleet management software, you will be provided with a map of where each of your vehicles is located in real time. This will allow you to give a client an accurate time of arrival or to make changes in a proposed route.

The Uncertainty Can Make Things Stressful

If you currently have no way to communicate with your delivery drivers, once they leave the premises, you are taking a chance of disappointing a customer due to things not working out the way that you have promised. Even if your drivers have mobile phones at their disposal, it can be hazardous for your workers to become distracted by their phones ringing, and you will be required to make several calls if you have a lot of delivery people on the road at the same time.

With fleet management software, you can seamlessly check on current conditions. This includes being supplied with a three-dimensional diagram of each vehicle while it is on a particular roadway, the current rate of speed that the driver is responsible for, and a map of the surrounding roadways that are included with each route. 

You Have The Ability To Change Driving Behaviors

There are many business owners who own and manage fleets that include a series of vehicles with contact information posted on them. The contact information is usually aimed at other drivers and informs them to call the number if they have a concern about the behaviors of a particular driver. You can use this method or go one step further by providing your driver with up-to-date messages, which pertain to their driving efforts.

For instance, if you use fleet management software and notice that one of your drivers is traveling at an unsafe speed, input a message that will be sent directly to your driver so that they are aware of your displeasure and make adjustments to the speed. The software will also make it possible for you to recognize someone with exemplary driving habits. After compiling information for a month or so, award the person who has arrived at each destination on time and who has maintained a safe driving speed at all times.