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Key Dump Truck Safety Tips

Dump trucks are a great resource if you are working on a heavy duty job such as transporting gravel or hauling large loads of debris to a landfill. Driving one of these vehicles presents a number of challenges, however. You must take every precaution to stay safe. Here are some key tips to help you meet the challenge.


The first and perhaps most important safety tip is to make sure that you are well-qualified to drive the vehicle.You must have a commercial license to operate a dump truck. If you don't have one already, then you must pass the various tests required by your state regulations to obtain one. These will generally include both a written test and a road test. Even after you obtain your commercial license, it's a good idea to get specialized training at a truck driving school to to ensure that you well-trained in all aspects of driving one of these machines.

Avoid Overturns

Dump trucks can overturn if the operator is not careful. One of the main causes of overturns is dumping the load on uneven ground. Always make certain that the ground you are parked on is level before unloading.

Another cause of overturns is a load that shifts from one side of the truck bed to another. To prevent this possibility, make sure that the load is centered as evenly as possible. Also, the truck bed should always have a liner. Liners help to secure the load and reduce the chances of the truck becoming unbalanced.

Soggy ground of soft ground can lead to an overturn in some instances. Check the ground where you plan to unload before you start dumping.


Never overload the dump truck. If you have to make an extra trip or two to the landfill, it's worth it to stay safe. Loads that are too heavy make the truck more difficult to operate, which presents an obvious safety hazard.

Raised Bed

Do not operate the truck while the bed is raised. Even if it seems safe, you  might inadvertently hit some hazard that you overlooked, such as a utility line. Check to make sure the bed is back in place after dumping before driving off.

A dump truck can come in very handy when you are working on projects that create a lot of debris or waste. They must be operated with caution, however, to prevent any unfortunate accidents. Follow these key tips to ensure that you drive them safely. Contact a company, like Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc, for more help.