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3 BIG Reasons To Consider A Private Charter Plane For Your Honeymoon

You have the big day all planned out and it is now time to start working on the plans for the big event that happens when the reception concludes: the honeymoon. You may have an idea of where you want to go and may have even thought about how you will get to your honeymoon destination. However, if you are like most newlyweds, you will simply buy a couple of plane tickets on a commercial flight. Yet, there is one option that is way better for such a special, romantic occasion: a private charter plane. Check out these reasons why it is a really good idea to get a charter plane for your honeymoon travel needs. 

Skip the wait times and take advantage of every bit of time you have. 

For most people, the average honeymoon can only logically last a short amount of time before they have to return to work and life. Therefore, all of the time you spend waiting in airports for your flight to leave out and dealing with layovers to switch planes is going to cut into what time you have to actually enjoy your honeymoon. When you charter a private plane, you get the most of every minute of time you have because those same concerns will not be a problem. 

Enjoy a private mode of transportation instead of being crowded by other passengers. 

Think about the last time you took a seat on a commercial flight. You were probably surrounded at every angle by strangers, listening to kids and babies cry through some part of the flight, and may have even had to deal with some random person falling asleep on your shoulder. Doesn't sound very romantic does it? Now envision what it would be like to board your own private plane with your new spouse. The only people on the plane will be the pilots and staff, who for the most part will not be around unless you need them. 

Plan your flight trip the way you want it for your honeymoon. 

Imagine trying to tell a commercial jet pilot that you would like a layover in a certain place. That is implausible because it is truly impossible. However, when you charter a plane, you can actually arrange with the pilot or the charter plane company to have the trip just as you want it. For example, if you are honeymooning in South Florida and flying there from New York, you could arrange for a brief layover in Tennessee to see the Smoky Mountains. 

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