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Consider These Spots For Parking Your Motor Coach Overnight For Free

If you're traveling with a large group, it can make sense to rent a motor coach instead of travel in several vehicles. Your group will all be together, you can have several qualified people split the driving duties and, provided you rent a motor coach with bunks, you won't have the nightly expense of a hotel. If you're new to this method of transportation, you'll enjoy its many benefits — but you'll always need to have a plan for where you'll park the vehicle overnight while you sleep. There are many areas that you can't leave this large vehicle overnight or that charge a fee, so make sure that you know about a variety of good locations where you can park at no cost.

Big Box Retailers

Many big box retailers welcome motor coaches for overnight stays — and with good reason, because you'll likely visit the store to stock up on your supplies. When you pull into the lot, look for signs that indicate whether overnight stays are allowed. If you're not sure, ask at the courtesy desk inside the store. You may also be directed to park in a specific area, and you won't likely be allowed to open the slide-outs of your motor coach.

Highway Rest Stops

Some, but not all, highway rest stops allow overnight parking for motor coaches. In advance of your trip, scout out the route and estimate roughly where you'll be ready to stop for the night. Then, look up the nearest highway rest stops and make some phone calls to find out if you'll be allowed to stay overnight. The last thing you want is to arrive at bedtime and realize that you can't stay. Some rest stops have time limitations for motor coaches, so be sure to determine this information, too. For example, you might only be allowed to stay one or two hours.


Many casinos permit motor coaches and other large vehicles to park in their lots overnight. If there are any casinos on your route, take a moment to search online or make a phone call and see if you'll be able to park for the night. Casinos often have extensive parking lots and will direct motor coaches toward a specific area of the lot. Even if you're not interested in gambling, this location can be ideal because the casino will typically have a wide range of eateries open 24 hours a day, giving you and your group the ability to have a good meal regardless of the time you arrive.

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