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What You'll Need To Offer A Wild West Theme To Your Wedding Venue

If you own a wedding venue and you haven't delved into the world of the Wild West, you may want to consider adding the Wild West to your offering of themes. Wild West weddings combine rustic and romantic elements to give memorable experiences to your newlyweds and their guests. Here are a few ideas. 

A Small, Rustic Chapel

A small rustic chapel is the perfect place to hold a wedding. You can have one built on your property using old wood salvaged from old barns and houses. Scour architectural salvage yards to find old building materials that your contractor can use to build a chapel and fill it with authentic pews.

You might be lucky enough to find a few old stained glass windows from an actual chapel. However, if you can't find authentic stained glass windows to be used in the chapel, consider staining the windows yourself. You can find DIY kits at major arts and crafts stores.

An Authentic Stagecoach

In the Wild West, they didn't have limousines or any other motorized vehicle, for that matter. For an authentic experience, pick your newlyweds up from the chapel in an authentic stagecoach. Of course, it will be difficult to find a truly authentic stagecoach that was built way back then and is still in good enough condition today.

Fortunately, there are businesses that built authentic reproduction stagecoaches specifically for needs like yours. The best part is that you can have your stagecoach custom designed with materials and colors that represent your ranch.

Don't forget that you'll also need several horses to pull the stagecoach. If you don't own any horses, contact a few boarding stables in your area to ask if anyone knows of horses who are trained to ground drive. Contact a company like Arizona Stagecoach Manufacturing Co. to learn more.

An Old-Time Saloon

For the reception, there's no better place than an old-time saloon to keep in line with the theme of a Wild West wedding. A saloon can be built using salvaged materials. If your property is large enough, build the saloon away from the chapel to give it more of a realistic touch as the stagecoach whisks the newlyweds from the chapel to the saloon for the reception.

For wining and dining the guests, give your newlyweds authentic Wild West menus to choose from, including beef brisket and cornbread. While everyone is enjoying the reception, have the stagecoach available to give rides to the wedding guests so they can also enjoy the experience.