Discussing Rural Transportation Options

Three Reasons To Choose Traditional Taxi Services

Ride-sharing services are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. Ease of use, including the ability to make ride reservations from a smartphone app, are attractions for many users. Ride-sharing services also allow regular people to "hang out a shingle" and take a part-time job that requires little to no paperwork or screening to get started. This can be convenient for the driver, but isn't always the best idea for the customer. While taxi services have been overshadowed by the new, trendy ride-share services, the traditional cab service is making changes to stay competitive. 

Proper Licensing and Training

Drivers for ride-share services receive very little training if any. They simply sign up to accept passengers and then start driving clients from one point to the next. No commercial driver's license or chauffeur's license is needed; a regular motor vehicle operator's license is all the majority of ride-share drivers possess. As long as the ride goes okay and there are no mishaps or unforeseen events, everyone should be okay. However, if there is an incident or accident with bodily injury, property damage or loss of life, the driver can have major legal problems on their hands if they are not properly licensed to carry passengers for compensation. 

Proper Insurance

Depending upon which ride-share service you use, the driver may not have any extra auto insurance. Some of the larger ride-share services obtain a $1 million dollar policy on every driver. Other services leave the procurement of insurance up to the driver. Many insurance companies will not pay for accidents, incidents or losses incurred during the course of driving a personal vehicle for business purposes. This means that if something happens while the insured vehicle or driver are engaged in ride-share services, the driver and passengers are not covered. Traditional taxi services obtain the proper insurance coverage each driver and vehicle, as well as for the passengers they serve.

Safety & Security

Several major devastating incidents have happened involving ride-share drivers. There is little to no background check required, so nearly anyone can drive for a ride-share service. This can be dangerous for passengers. Traditional taxi services have strict screening requirements for each driver. It is important to contract rides with taxi companies (such as Orlando Cab Transportation) that have a good reputation in the local area and a long history of doing business to ensure your safety whenever you need to get from one place to the other.