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Make The Most Of A Tightly Scheduled Business Trip By Using An Airport Limo Service

Are you traveling by air with a small group of coworkers or colleagues to a business destination? Do you have a tight schedule and chafe at wasting time traveling back and forth to the airport? Here are seven tips to help you make the most of your time by using an airport limousine service (such as Sky Harbor Transportation) as an in-transit meeting place.

Confirm Your Limo in Advance

Don't wait until you get to the airport and hope you can call a limo on the spot. Before your flight, arrange to have your limousine meet you at your destination airport and again at your hotel or conference center for your flight home.

Be sure to explain to the limousine service that you will be holding a meeting in your limo, so you need one vehicle that can contain all of your attendees. If the service doesn't know this, they may think it's perfectly fine to split your group up for transport in several smaller cars.

Before Your Meeting

Give everyone in your group time to freshen up when you arrive at your destination airport, once you have disembarked from your plane. This way, everyone will be focused on your meeting instead of on needing to use the restrooms. Also, a few minutes for people to call or text loved ones when you arrive will also help keep attention on the work at hand.  

Prep Your Materials

Make sure everyone has all their materials prepped in advance, so you make the best use of your time in the limo. Be sure that any necessary laptops, notebooks, or files go with you in the limo and don't get put in the trunk with your luggage.

Ask About Limousine Tech Amenities

Many limos today come with mobile wifi, so you can use the Internet while you are in transit. This can save you having to store large files on your laptop, and it allows you to do research on the go.

Some services also have a television on board, which makes presentations easier. If not, ask if they can provide you with any necessary flip charts or white boards.

Order Refreshments

Have some refreshments ready for your team meeting. Soda, coffee, sandwiches, and snacks are all sure to be appreciated. Think carefully about having alcohol on board; you may want to save the champagne or cognac for post-conference celebrations or special client schmoozing (see below).

Build In Some Sightseeing Time

Just because you're on business doesn't mean you can't squeak in a little sightseeing on the way to and from your destination. Some cities, like Chicago, Miami, and Washington, look great from the road. Ask your limo driver if there's a scenic route to your hotel or conference center.

Invite Business Associates Too

Finally, remember that you don't have to limit your limo meetings to in-house personnel only. If you have a business associate or customer who is also on a tight schedule, what about inviting them along for a luxury ride? A little recon to find out their favorite foods or special preferences to have on board can make the ride fun for them and profitable for you. And potential investors or clients will likely be pleased with your efficiency in using your airport limousine to maximize your business day.