Discussing Rural Transportation Options

Have A Better Family Reunion: Rent A Bus

Your grandparents are getting on in years, and your parents aren't getting any younger, either. You'd like to plan a special family reunion, but the thought of another potluck lunch held in a state park makes you physically ill. This year, consider having a truly great family reunion by planning a group expedition on a charter bus. Everyone will ride in comfort, and no one will be stuck with all the responsibility. 

Together Time

Even a one-day trip to a nearby site can offer you time to visit. A bus trip with the ones you love allows you to talk to all the family members in a festive atmosphere. You don't have to worry about disturbing other passengers because they are all family. You can laugh, joke, and swap seats to your heart's content. You will also avoid many of those time-consuming gas station stops and potty breaks because a toilet is available on the bus. A bus offers comfortable transportation for the elderly as well. When you rent a bus, your only responsibility is to enjoy yourself. Best of all, no one has to miss out on the fun by being the driver. Everyone gets to relax and enjoy the day. 

City Destination

If you live in a rural area, you can arrange a trip to a nearby city to enjoy a number of activities. For instance, if your family is full of sports fans, you can make a major league ballpark your destination. In states like Illinois, the only debate this plan will cause is whether to check out the Cubs or the Cardinals. If sports aren't your thing, then take the entire family to the zoo or to the botanical gardens. You can find a number of relaxing and affordable destinations. Once you arrive, everyone can gather for a traditional family meal. 


Hiring a bus should also remove some safety worries. When you have numerous vehicles traveling in a loose caravan, you can become separated. Also, the chances of someone being in an accident increases with the number of cars involved in the trip. You should check out the safety record of the bus line, however. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has compiled a list that gives you the safety record of various charter companies. Before chartering a bus, you should check the company's ranking. 

This year, consider a family expedition instead of holding the same old reunion. Everyone can travel in comfort to a special destination that all family members can enjoy. Contact a company like Trans America Transport to set up your family expedition.