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Poker Players: 3 Reasons To Use Summer Limo Service In Las Vegas

The summer is a great time for poker players in the city of Las Vegas. There are numerous tournaments held in the city and plenty of opportunities to win big. As you prepare to play in a variety of tournaments, you must consider the transportation that is needed to get there. One of the main options to consider is a limousine service. Not only does a limousine provide you with a stylish ride, but there are multiple advantages catered directly to a poker player. Browse through the following three advantages and see how you can use them while planning to play at various poker tournaments in the city.


The game of poker is a mental game. Your ride in the limo can help calm your emotions and help you relax before the tournament begins. Instead of worrying about traffic jams or red lights, you can stay in a calm state and sprawl out in the large limo seats. Many limos allow you to connect an MP3 player to the speakers. This allows you to select custom music selections ideal for preparing for the poker tournament. This can include calming music or tracks that pump you up for the big event. Tinted windows and custom lighting options can also help you control your relaxing mood before you head into a stressful tournament environment.

Elimination of Walking

The Las Vegas strip is filled with a lot of walking, even if it's just from a parking garage into the casino entrance. Instead of walking from casino to casino or wasting time navigating around, a limo can drop you off right in front of the casino entrance. This can bring you into the air conditioned areas without too much exposure to the heat. Walking outside in the Las Vegas summer heat can result in sweaty clothes and uncomfortable conditions for playing poker. You often have to sit at poker tables for hours at a time. Doing this in sweaty or damp conditions can make it a challenge and impact the way you're playing.


A limo ride also gives you the space and ability to practice your poker skills before the tournament. Large seating areas give you space to use a real deck of cards. You can set up hand situations or ride with a friend to practice some one-on-one hands. A number of limos may also offer Wi-Fi internet service. By connecting online, you can use tablets or laptops to play a variety of poker games. This can help you prepare and be in the proper mindset for playing poker.

If you win big at a poker tournament, you can use some of the winnings to help fund future tournament trips in a limo, like one from After Five Limousines. It can become a fun tradition that works all year round.