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What Are Your Options For Traveling To And From An Airport?

There are usually several options for traveling to and from a major airport. The main differences between the available choices are price, travel time, and convenience. As in all things, the more that you're willing to pay, the more amenities you will receive. Your personal priorities will determine which option is best suited for your needs.

Here is a few options from which to choose, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Public transportation


This is by far the least expensive option for getting to and from the airport. Many major metropolitan areas, have bus, light rail, or subway routes that provide transportation to the nearest large airport.

If you can time your flights to coincide with public transit schedules, especially with daytime arrivals and/or departures, you may find this option to be suitable to your needs.


Public transportation is just as it is defined: transportation for the general public. This means that the route to the airport may be circuitous and lengthy. You may also experience limited service late at night, along with unsavory characters that may be unpleasant riding companions.

In addition, you will need to carry and hold your bags for the duration of the journey, which may involve transferring between routes to reach your destination. If you are taking children, the burden may be even more stressful.

Ride sharing and taxi services


Both of these options provide a medium quality of service for a medium price range. Airport taxi drivers will help you with your bags and are generally knowledgeable about airport procedures and the area around the airport. Ride sharing services are more easily accessible when you are traveling to the airport and drivers are likely to help you with your bags, both for gratuities and to protect their personal vehicle from damage.


The cost of both services will vary, depending on the distance from the airport to your home or destination. Taxis may be difficult to find near your home at peak travel times, and ride share providers may balk at driving to the airport, preferring local runs with a better chance of multiple customers. Some ride share providers may not have vehicles that can easily carry a large number of bags.

Driving to the airport


This is one of the most convenient methods for the traveler. You can come and go according to your own schedule, and you will have a safe and secure place to leave your vehicle while you travel, which is beneficial if you live in an area where you must park on public streets.


Long term parking can be costly at some airports, and traffic can be an issue at peak travel times. In addition, long term parking lot are usually far away from the terminals, necessitating waiting for and riding on shuttle buses with all of your luggage to retrieve your vehicle. 

Airport shuttles


Their purpose is to transport travelers to and from airports, so they provide the amenities needed to make the trip as efficient and convenient as possible. Door-to-door service provides transportation directly to or from your home and the airport, and is based upon your arrival and departure times.

This means that you don't need to wait for hours at the airport before departures or arrivals. You get to the airport with enough time to get through security and catch your flight, and you get your ride home shortly after you retrieve your bags.


Airport shuttles vary in price depending upon amenities provided. If you value privacy, it will come at a cost. Basic service consists of traveling with other passengers in minibuses or cans, and requires multiple stops as individual passengers are dropped off.

You can choose options such as limited drop offs, in which as few as three passengers travel together instead of up to ten travelers. Of course, you can also arrange private sedan service if you're willing to pay a premium price.

Cost and convenience are always at odds with many travelers. Unless money is no object, try a few different methods of airport transportation in your area to find the perfect blend of both factors for you and your family. To learn more, contact a company like Coastal Connection Transportation